Discussion Hero: An Update on Gamified Discussions at Northwestern University

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began to permanently transform the face of American education and global learning. As schools across the country scrambled to bring their classes online, Northwestern University School of Professional Studies was already committed to remote learning and was pioneering a new gamified discussion board called Discussion Hero. The Instructure team … Read more

Empowering Teachers to Use Tech in the Classroom With High-Quality PD

While educators are focused on providing students with engaging learning experiences, they are on the frontlines of using technology and are often not privy to the same kind of personalization in their own professional learning opportunities. As a result, our research shows that only 43% of administrators and 23% of teachers report training opportunities that are … Read more

3 Ways Community Colleges are Attracting Students in Today’s Digital World

Community colleges are under increasing pressure to support more students with less funding and faculty than traditional 4-year colleges and universities. This divide is further widening the substantial inequity community college students are already dealing with, particularly those who are part-time adult learners and parents, most of whom are in rural areas. Because of this, … Read more

Prevent Cheating During In-Class Canvas Quizzes

Ask teachers what their biggest concern is with online assessments, and they’ll say the same thing — cheating. Not unlike the days of old when teachers kept a watchful eye for hidden cheat sheets during paper tests, online tests introduce a myriad of academic integrity concerns. Even when Canvas assessments are delivered in a classroom … Read more

3 Tips for Embracing Technology to Support Student Success

As technology continues to play an integral role in our everyday lives, the need to embrace its presence in the classroom is more important than ever before. Even with the return to in-person learning, the continued use of technology in K-12 education supports innovative pedagogical strategies that prepare students for 21st-century skills. With the right … Read more

Women’s History: A Personal Journey

This year, Women’s History Month focuses on “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” There are many amazing women who have done and continue to do this through poetry, prose, drama, and songwriting, and I certainly stake no claim to belong to this illustrious group. However, the National Women’s History Alliance also includes “grandmothers” in this … Read more

3 Ways to Gamify Your Classroom with an LMS

As technology continues to be a pillar of K-12 education, how can it be used to create immersive, personalized learning experiences in the classroom? The answer is gamification! A recent study showed that gamification presents a variety of advantages for learners, such as increased enjoyment (67%), extra motivation (~50%), and enhanced learning (more than 60%). Additionally, … Read more

Why Choose: The Benefits of Integrating Google Classroom with Canvas LMS

While Google Classroom is primarily used in K12, more higher education instructors and institutions are adopting the tool to centralize and track student progress across multiple courses and devices. Google Classroom is not a full-featured learning management system (LMS) that offers reliability, surrounding services, robust central management with administrator capabilities, or versatile outcomes and assessment … Read more

Evolving Faculty Empowerment in Higher Education

When educational delivery was forced to shift during the pandemic, providing students with continued access to education was the top priority for higher education institutions around the world. However, as institutions adapted to online and hybrid course modalities, and found ways to support students with academic and mental health resources, faculty burnout grew. If institutions … Read more