5 international Trips You Should Take in A lifetime 

Taking out time to go on a trip might seem like luxury but our bodies need a break every so often and if we don’t heed to that need, we end up breaking down and losing what is most important to us – our health. So, when you’re in need of a break, do yourself a favor and take one. And if you’re really going to do it, then plan for an ultimate trip of a lifetime. Here are the top ten places we think everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime.

  1. Galapagos Island, Eastern Pacific Ocean

Want to see the cradle of civilization? Then you’re heading to the right island. Galapagos Island is on most people’s bucketlist for what it symbolizes – a connection to our human past and a hope for our future. In Galapagos Islands, you will come across different species of animals, sea life, and plants that you’d never see anywhere else, and they co-exist with the people. But, bear in mind that getting to this wonderful island is not an easy feat. You must first get to mainland Ecuador with an international flight to mostly Quito, then catch another flight, about a two-hour flight to Galapagos Island which is secluded about 600 miles from mainland Ecuador. But, once you get there, you’re on the perfect vacation of a lifetime. It’s certainly worth the efforts. So, if you’re in the mood to discover the most amazing natural setting and biodiversity you’d ever see in your life, then head to Galapagos Island for your treat!

  1. Hawaii, North Pacific Ocean

Part of the United States of America and yet so far way from the USA, Hawaii reminds us of peace and tranquility. Hawaii is located about 5-6 hours flight from the West Coast of the USA and most people get here from California and Washington states. There are few direct flights from the East Coast and other parts of the USA but starting from the West Coast or transitioning from here makes the trip shorter. So, what is special about Hawaii? Well for starters, some of the most stunning beaches in the world are located in this part of the world and you’ll be hard-pressed to find beaches more beautiful anywhere else in the world. Head over to Maui and head to the beaches that have been voted the best in the world. In Maui, you’ll also get to experience a ton of Hawaiian culture and food as well as drive the Road to Hana, a famous drive that takes you around the island and shows you the spectacular views you’d otherwise not see. You can also go to the other islands of Hawaii like Honolulu, Oahu, Kona, and a few others while you’re on your trip. This is easily done by island hopping! We say to add Hawaii on the list of places you should go in a lifetime, and go, even if it’s just to see the spectacular sunsets.

  1. Maldives, Indian Ocean

So, we might have lied a bit when we said you can’t get any better beaches than those in Hawaii. The truth is though Hawaii has amazing beaches, Maldives can rival it really easily. Maldives is a collection of several hundred islands known as atoll, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and really close to nothing. To get here, just like the Galapagos Island, you’d have to be patient and willing to travel for a bit. This makes Maldives a special place to be. First off, you need to arrive at the international airport of Male, Maldives. There are several ways to get here but most people often start from the middle east and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a good starting point. When you arrive in Male, there isn’t much to do here so you have to get to your hotel or resort. Most hotels and resorts are in their own separate atoll or island which means that you can only get there by boat or by seaplane. If your hotel is near enough, you’d be offered a ferry or boat transfer but if you’re quite a distance away or want to arrive much faster, you can opt to take the sea plane. Travel by sea plane can be as short as a few minutes or a long as more than an hour, depending on where you’re going to. But we promise you that it will be worth it! Once you arrive in paradise and get the first dose of that sun and sight of the amazingly clear blue water and sand beaches, you’ll never go back home. So, we recommend that you place Maldives on your to-go-list and try to get there at least once in your life. And you might have to do it sooner than later as Maldives is set on low reefs and is gradually receding! That means these islands won’t be there forever!

  1. Bora Bora, Pacific Ocean

Does it get better than Hawaii and Bora Bora? Yes, it does. Bora Bora is one our most favorite vacation places that everyone should simply have on their bucket list. Bora Bora is located in French Polynesia. Just like Maldives, getting to Bora Bora can be a journey but it’s one that’s totally worth it after you’ve arrived and seen the paradise, you’re in. To get to Bora Bora, you’d have to start from the West Coast and either head straight to Tahiti, the nearest French Polynesian Island to Bora Bora, or stop in Hawaii first, then catch another flight to Bora Bora. The direct flight from the West Coast to Bora Bora takes roughly around 8 hours and the flight from Hawaii, Honolulu for the most part, takes about 6 hours, but you have to add in the 5-6 hours travel time to Hawaii. Of course, this trip can be an addon to your already planned Hawaiian trip so you’re killing two birds with one stone – as they say – Hawaii first, then head on to Bora Bora. Once you’ve arrived on the island of Tahiti, you’ll need to catch a seaplane to Bora Bora. You could stop on other islands in French Polynesia like Moorea and then make your way to Bora Bora but there is no ferry from Tahiti to Bora Bora at this time. Sea planes to Bora Bora from Tahiti can be pricy but the view of the island is worth it. Just like in Maldives, different hotels are set up in different islands so you’ll be flown to the main Bora Bora airport and then transported by ferry to your private resort island. Bora Bora has clear skies, clear blue water, amazing sea life, and the white sand. If you’ve visited Hawaii and Maldives, you’ll have a hard time comparing all three as Bora Bora is also top notch.

  1. Greenland, Atlantic and North Atlantic Ocean

The last frontier, depending on who you ask as Alaska, is also known as that, but getting to Greenland had always seemed like an impossible feat, very much like getting to the Arctic Circle or Antarctica, but these days, Greenland is just a flight away from major cities like Reykjavik in Iceland, and Copenhagen. The flights can be expensive as you’d expect when you visit a place that’s as far away and secluded as Greenland. And the question we get most often is if Greenland is really Green. Often compare to the question of if Iceland is really Icy. You may already know the answer but Greenland is much colder than Iceland and so “icier” and this is because of its location further up towards the artic pole. So why would anyone go to Greenland? Why should that be on your bucketlist? Because it’s simply amazing! Hard and expensive to get to but worth all the hype and more. There are some many reasons to visit Greenland including one of our favorites which is to see the Northern Lights, if you come during the winter.  Plenty of hot springs is another reason to visit Greenland! And if you wish to visit around June and July, you’ll get a chance to experience the midnight sun which is essentially 24-hour day lights! Having 20 hours of daylight is no joke – think how much you can do with those extra hours? We do recommend sleeping of course while you’re here but who goes to Greenland to sleep? We think Greenland is worth putting on your travel bucketlist and visiting for the amazing view and sights!