Poland: Can AI Be the Author of the Content It Generates?

Over the past few months, we have praised the words “artificial intelligence” or “ChatGPT” through all cases. No wonder – the tool created by Open AI is used by representatives of many industries – especially creative ones. The spectacular popularity of Chatbot has aroused numerous discussions devoted to the possibility of replacing employees with this … Read more

Fake Job Posting for Emiratisation in the UAE

As part of a new Ministerial Resolution, No. 663 of 2022, the UAE government has issued certain rules to regulate job postings in the country. The Resolution strictly warns those who post job offers which are misleading or which do not exist at all.Following Article 2 of the Resolution, establishments are prohibited from the following, … Read more

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Resisting Arrest – What Behavior Applies?

In some states, resisting arrest can occur when a citizen shows signs of arguing with the officer. Most jurisdictions will consider physical force against a law enforcement officer as resisting arrest. Depending on the behavior exhibited by an individual, and as defined by state statutes, the charges of resisting arrest may be a misdemeanor or … Read more

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Car Crash Head Injuries Caused by Blunt Force Trauma

Some of the most common types of injuries people sustain in car accidents are blunt force trauma injuries. And while a blunt force injury can be as simple as a minor bruise, it can also be severe and result in complications, such as head or brain injuries.Unfortunately, many blunt force trauma injuries, like head injuries, … Read more

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Top Specialist Wholesale Brokers

 Specialist Wholesale Brokers Jump to winners | Jump to methodology Special talent General is no longer the modus operandi of the insurance industry, as specialist brokers are now the key players.  “[Buyers’] knowledge is growing,” explains Mark Lange, chief strategy officer at Arch Insurance North America. “The access to information on the internet – the research they can … Read more

Best Wholesale Brokers USA | 5-Star Wholesale Brokers and MGAs

Brokers and MGAs Jump to winners | Jump to methodology Thriving in a hard market Wholesale brokers and MGAs are thriving by being quick and nimble in meeting clients’ needs. IBA’s 5-Star winners are at the cutting edge of that, leading the way with their impeccable performance levels. “In general, the segment is experiencing rapid growth in premium … Read more

Insurance Industry Professionals | Global 100

nsurance Industry Professionals | Global 100 Jump to winners | Jump to methodology Leading from the front The Insurance Business Global 100, now in its fourth year, celebrates those who have made and continue to make an impact in the industry. IB’s team analyzed the best and most deserving insurance professionals across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific and … Read more

Multilayered cybersecurity approach essential for businesses – report

A new report has highlighted the importance of a multilayered cybersecurity approach for businesses of all sizes due to threat actors that have continued to “double down on longstanding tactics while demonstrating innovation with new techniques.” According to the 2023 OpenText Cybersecurity Threat Report, the past year saw a significant increase in cyber threat actors … Read more

Strengthening the safety net – adequately pricing property reinsurance for an insurance market

Gia Snape of Insurance Business sat down with Tehya Duckworth, SVP, property underwriting manager, Munich Re US about the role of reinsurance in fostering a vibrant and sustainable primary property insurance market. If insurance is the tool that helps the world’s businesses cushion themselves from risks, then reinsurance is the safety net holding it all … Read more

Google Opens up Bard AI for Early Access; Learn How to Sign up Here!

Those who have been closely monitoring the artificial intelligence scene worldwide will know of Google Bard. Based on a bite-sized version of the company’s language model LaMDA, Bard is an experimental conversational AI service. Long been hoped to rival bots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing AI, Bard AI has unfortunately been out of public hands. However, that … Read more